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For those of you who know me on the web, you probably know me as fuzzyguy or fuzzyguy1982. I can also be found as SmartBlondeBabe, little_cat_a and KagomeShuko. If you know me from chatting at the Chapel at FreeTown (now YadiYada), you probably know that I am a fuzzy purple alien from the planet Pluto. Here is what I look like, except that I am purple like my background color, not blue.

If you really want to see me, click here. This is my senior picture from high school.

I also made and update St. Paul Lutheran's (my home church's) web page. I also have many other of my own web pages; one on on the books I have read and enjoyed and one on the graphics I have made for my online friends, which can be seen at graphics for friends. You can also win my awards. Do you need help with Internet slang? Come check them out! You can also see my favorite places here in Lake Charles. I have also worked on Crickett's Webpage o. Also, come check out Crickett's Mission...continued. Come chek out Crickett's Ark and Wings and a Prayer Mission Page.

Although physically I work on all these web pages, it is God who gives me these talents and God who I always keep in mind. I could never do anything with out God. So please remember that He is the one behind every single thing and give thanks to Him, our Maker. Remember, he sent Jesus down to earth to save us! Jesus followed through with this promise too! So, put all your trust in God and not in earthly things. Love in Christ to all who visit these pages.